Notice to the trade

IRA recommend additional RR
effective 22nd October, 2017

After further careful review of the prevailing market and in addition to the already announced RR plans, effective 15th October, 2017 as well as effective 29th October, 2017, it is IRAfs additional recommendation to implement Rate Restoration effective 22nd October, 2017 with target guideline amount of USD.200/TEU.

In summary, it is recommended following RR plans in 3 tiers within October, 2017:-

1. Effective 15th October, 2017 RR of USD.200/TEU

2. Effective 22nd October, 2017 RR of USD.200/TEU

3. Effective 29th October, 2017 RR of USD.200/TEU

The foregoing RR guideline recommendation will be applicable from all Asia (including Japan) to all ME destinations under the scope of IRA.

As a discussion agreement, it should be clearly noted that the recommendation is posed to individual IRA Members, on a voluntary, non-binding basis. Any IRA Members are free to voluntarily follow the recommendation on an individual basis or take independent actions not only in terms of quantum but also effective dates through individual negotiations between customers and Members.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or Member Lines of the Agreement who are always happy to respond to any queries you may have on this subject.


20th September, 2017.